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Apakah telpon anda sering putus-putus ?
Apakah harus menunggu loading yang terlalu lama saat berinternet ?
Pernah Mengalami banyak gangguan lain terhadap sinyal gadget anda ?
PENGUAT SINYAL GEN-X sangat membantu bagi anda yang berada di daerah yang berjangkauan sinyal rendah atau anda sering menggunakan komunikasi di daerah pedalaman, wireless di dalam lift, gedung bertingkat,dll. Pemasangan yang mudah, kekuatan sinyal yang terjamin, dan mudah dalam penggunaannya. dapat dipakai di HP, modem, walkietalkie, pagers, notebook, PDA, iPhone, iPad, Android, dll.
1) dampak besar - seperti memiliki antena 4 kaki pada ponsel Anda.
2) Meningkatkan Penerimaan, Mengurangi statis di perahu, lift, mobil, bangunan, terowongan, gunung-gunung dan daerah pedalaman.
3) Bekerja pada Analog, digital, telepon Tri-band, HP, modem, walkietalkie, pagers, notebook, PDA, iPhone, iPad, Android, dll.
4) Menghilangkan dropped calls.
5) Mudah untuk menginstal, cukup lepas sticker dan tempel pada bagian dalam kompartemen baterai Anda.
6) Setiap Booster dikemas siap untuk diberikan sebagai hadiah atau untuk dijual kembali!
7) mengurangi gelombang yang mengganggu sinyal
8) meningkatkan kekuatan sinyal
9) memperluas kekuatan sinyal jaringan
10) Sinyal dapat dijangkau di daerah yang sulit mendapatkan sinyal sebagai contoh di daerah pedalaman, Elevator, Lorong bawah tanah, Bangunan Beton, Daerah yang jauh dari BTS.

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Afterplay, Relax After Sex

Shortly after making love, it feels very comfortable when you can head leaning on the shoulder of her husband. Moreover, if you two can chat casually in this position. But, that makes upset, just a matter of seconds, snoring husband interrupted this romantic atmosphere.

In addition to foreplay and sex, there is another phase of love that is not less important. Namely, afterplay, activities practiced after you and your husband 'in action' in bed. According to psychologist and sex therapist, Joel. D. Block, Ph.D., in his book Secrets of Better Sex, the most frequent activities performed during afterplay, among others, hugging and chatting.

The two main reasons afterplay rarely done is feeling tired and habits. In this case, usually men tend not to do afterplay than in women. Women likened to water, and boil slowly for a long time to become cold. In contrast, men often likened to fire, heat quickly, too quickly extinguished. Women, psychological relaxation takes longer after having sex than men.

Therefore, many men who do not realize the importance afterplay. Usually they will fall asleep immediately, or left the room to watch TV or smoking. "In fact, the benefits of this activity, emotional closeness you and your partner will be more intertwined. Plus, your body would both be more relaxed, "said Joel adds.

How do afterplay highly dependent habits of each pair. Most engage in activities that are relaxing.
So, do not let my husband go straight to bed after having sex, following Joel afterplay share tips for you!

- You and your husband can cuddle and be spoiled, spoiled, at least for 5-10 minutes. Nothing wrong punctuated by jokes and funny stories. Small talk interspersed with intimate attitude will certainly make the atmosphere warmer.

- Avoid bringing problems to bed. Issues such as electricity bills, or mortgage. The problem is, without conscious often this problem occurs in a setting like this. So, before this issue came out of your mouth or husband, change the subject to start a topic about the child or any other lighter topics.

- Use this special time to express feelings of love, dream or passion that may have not been revealed. Repeat rubbing, massaging, kissing or whatever form the both of you choice.

- Mutual feeding pieces of fruit, like mango, oranges or strawberries can also be a panacea to increase endorphins, hormones that evoke the mood. Nothing wrong, you've prepared this snack by the bed before making love. That way you do not need to get out of bed.

- Invite the him a bath together. Being washed in warm water that wet the body you both worked to make the body become more relaxed. You can also both massaging each other. Guaranteed fresh body will return. In fact, who knows, you and ready even ready for action on 'round' the next!